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              1. Shenzhen Xiangwei Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.
                Professional liquid leak solution

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                XW-PC-3A locating leakage controller can monitored up to 150m of sensing cable.Once detected the liquid,XW-PC-3A controller that generates alarm,LED shows the leakage state and trigger relay,no voltage contact closure;

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                Customer cases


                • Tencent Pingshan data center liquid leak detection system

                • Ali Zhang North cloud liquid leak detection system


                About us


                Shenzhen Xiangwei Measurement and Control Technology co.,LTD


                Shenzhen Xiangwei Measurement and Control Technology co.,LTD is a research, development, production, sales, measurement and control products as one of the high-tech enterprises. Since it was founded in 2008, the company started to detect leaks from the liquid product research and development, breaking the imported products on the domestic market monopoly, and a series of research and production of all types of intelligent devices and sensors, to bring customers a long-term economic interests and social values , is the liquid leak detection products manufacturers leading enterprises, typical of high-tech industry in Shenzhen.

                     The company has a strong technological strength and a master's degree, bachelor mainly of highly qualified personnel, in order to continuously improve the quality of the research team, each year send some researchers to universities, research institutions and technical exchange and training, the company and Tsinghua University, Taiyuan University of Technology to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations. Over the years of development experience and a lot of engineering practice, the company has made technological innovation a high level of research tools and advanced test test program, the formation of a high level and the level of R & D department is auspicious for technical progress and innovation in primary relying.

                     Xiangwei company now has a controller, sensor line, modules, sensors and other products, products can be widely used in various industries, including data centers, communications room, pharmaceutical, mechanical and electrical equipment, intelligent buildings, semiconductor plant, elevator equipment, heating and cooling plumbing, home and so on. The core of the company's various products have obtained national patents, through the national certification, and we have a good brand in the leak detection industry.

                     Shenzhen Xiangwei Measurement and Control Technology co.,LTD. adhere to the "science and technology starting point, the quality of high-quality, high-demand management" concept of development, the integration of various technical material science, measurement and control technology, computer networks and communications, with high accuracy, high reliability of the research objectives, and promote the development of modern control technology in practical applications.



                Questions and Answers

                • QLeakage knowledge hundred answer
                  AQ: At home leakage / seepage, can not find where leakage, you can help detect it?A: Shenzhen Xiang is a professional leak detection sensor manufacturer, we do not provide leakage point / seepage point search service, but we can provide leak detection sens
                • QLeakage knowledge hundred answer
                  AQ: underground pipe leaks, do not know the location, you can leak it?A: At present, Shenzhen Xiangwei has jointly developed with Taiyuan University of Technology a GIS-based urban underground pipe network leakage detection system. The pilot project of the
                • QLeakage knowledge hundred answer
                  AQ: I am doing the heating pipe, and now I hope to do for the heating pipe leak monitoring, what equipment?A: Shenzhen Xiangwei has jointly developed with Taiyuan University of Technology a GIS-based urban underground pipe network leakage detection system.
                • QLeakage knowledge hundred answer
                  AQ: Your leak detection products are reusable, right?A: Cheung is a water leak detection, acid detection line can be reused. However, it is not recommended to soak in the liquid for a long time. Soaking for a long time will reduce the product sensitivity a
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                • Industry news

                Enrich staff's cultural life and enhance team cohesion

                Enrich staffs cultural life and enhance team cohesionSince its inception, Shenzhen Cheung Control Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to people-oriented, in order to reflect the companys corporate culture, to strengthen team cohesion and teamwork capabilities, to


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